How do I know if I or my loved one needs private care services?

If you or a love one feels unsafe (has difficulty with balance, recent falls, or difficulty with everyday tasks such as laundry) or comfortable living on their own, home care could be the solution for you.  Also, if you or a loved one are in an assisted living facility and do not desire to move to a nursing home, but need more attentive care, EPN may be perfect for you.

What is the background on EPN?

We are highly experienced and extremely compassionate nurses and caregivers that deliver elite quality healthcare services. The well-being of our clients is our main goal and we pride ourselves on providing personalized care to each client.  For more information on EPN please visit the About HHSM page.

How will I know what services I may need?

With each client that comes to us, we assess the living and health situation prior to establishing the care plan. Each plan will be discussed with you and/or your family. We believe that home care is a collaborative effort and will do our best to ensure that all clients are cared for.

If my condition changes, what will the response of EPN be?

We constantly note the progression of each client under his or her care plan and make adjustments to reflect the changing conditions and needs. If changes to the care plan are necessary, home adaptations will be available to enable the individual to be as independent as possible. EPN will reevaluate the clients care make changes to the care plan as needed.

What distinguishes Elite Private Nursing from home care agencies?

EPN are committed to reaching out and meeting the needs of the under served. We provide mission related services and offer a wide range of specialized options. Our employees take pride in providing quality care to our clients.

EPN works hard to match your loved one with a private primary nurse aid that will work to make a unique and long lasting connection with you and your family, with EPN we strive to provide you and your loved ones quality care at an affordable rate

What are your Services and Fees?

A variety of services are available to meet your needs and to be of assistance to your family. EPN will track the care given during each shift providing a clear picture of a typical day for our client. Services vary due to the clients needs, there for the fees will vary. A EPN representative will meet with you and your family to draw up a care plan that best suits you and the you loved ones.

Elite Private Nursing also tracks the schedule for the client, coordinates any changes as needed, manages the household’s needs.

Our clients will contract for services as needed and desired. Fees are due biweekly and can vary depending upon the type of care required. The hourly rate will be agreed upon prior to the start of services and will be a fixed rate (no differentials), unless there is a significant change to the plan of care, at which time the fee will be re-discussed and agreed upon. **There isn’t a different rate for the seven holidays; New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

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